Palm Kayak Boots

I have just been testing out some boots from Palm. Sorry no picture. But visit to find out more.
The Nova and Kola are high leg neoprene boots like wellies - with a good ankle strap for security when walking or hauling kayaks.
They are well made and warm / dry, so long as you don't go over the top.
In the past I have used wellies but find them too cold.
I have used both types - the Nova is a little tighter on the calf but I can still pull it over my dry suit and thermal layers.
If the top strap is done up they are fine if swimming - water does get inside.
The Nova with the fabric top is a bit quicker to dry / air out.
I found them less bulky than the lace up Chota boots and far superior to the Chota pull on boots we used on our 2006 Greenland trip.
Cheaper too!!
I recommend you ask Santa for some if needing to replace your footwear this winter!