Shetland Kayak Courses

So far the summer has been pretty good with several spells of nice sunny days and calm conditions.
Trips round Muckle Roe, Papa Stour, Whalsay and the Out Skerries have given us some good days out and we've had several sightings of whales in the Whalsay sound.
Local paddling will continue up to the 25th June - I am then away to Greenland with two groups until 10th August.
Business as usual from then on.
Two extra NDK Explorers, food and equipment have been shipped out to Greenland ready for the summer and we are looking forward to exploring some new areas within the Ammassalik region - if conditions allow the first team hope to visit the 1930/31 base camp used by Gino Watkins team during the British Arctic Air Route Expedition.
The second trip is then heading about 100 miles north for Tugtilik (Lake Fjord) where Watkins died in 1932.