The trip going out to Greenland this summer is full and folk are now well on the way through their final preparations - thick sea ice still along the coast from the winter will present us with some challenging and exciting conditions.
The late departure of the sea ice will increase our chance of a polar bear encounter and it is likely that we will have to adopt a waking watch system - taking it in turns to keep an eye open, while the others get some sleep.
The Johanna Christina (local supply boat) has been booked for a kayak drop off in Kuummiut should the ice delay or departure from Tasiilaq.

There are places available on the final trip in August this summer - although at this stage it is unlikely anyone will sign up before I depart for Greenland on the 29th June.
Trips in 2012 are scheduled and several places are already booked up - these should be full and the trips closed by December 2011 - otherwise the flights go up and consequently bump up the trip costings. If interested get in touch soon.